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Our environment holds the key to our survival and wellbeing. In December 2022 one of the most important environmental agreements, nature’s equivalent of the Paris Agreement was signed. Committing to halt biodiversity loss by 2030.

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework” (GBF) was approved at the UN’s COP 15 and businesses and society are essential to its implementation.

Tech4Forests was set up to support GBF Target 3, 30 x 30 which commits to protecting 30% of land and marine areas by 2030, addressing the main cause of species loss.

FNPW have been buying land to grow parks since 1972 and have teamed up with the tech sector in Australia to collectively address this challenge. Increased funding and collaboration across society will help get us there faster.


Why is protecting land essential in Australia?

  • Habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation is the number one driver of species loss in Australia.
  • Land clearing is implicated in the listing of 60% of Australia’s threatened species (Kearney et al. 2018).
  • Up to one-fifth of global greenhouse gas pollution comes from deforestation and degradation.
  • Australia continues to have one of the highest rates of species decline among OECD countries with with listed species increasing by 8% since 2016.
  • Protecting land from clearing preserves soil quality and helps store three times more carbon than the atmosphere or terrestrial vegetation.
  • Australia has the third highest loss of soil organic carbon in the world. SOE Land – P 10


How does it work?

  • Funds are raised or donated from ESG, marketing, workplace giving or other fundraising events.
  • Funds are donated into the Tech for Forests fund.
  • Environmentally significant sites are continually identified for purchase on the edge of national parks.
  • Land is purchased to be added to the national parks portfolio and protected forever.
  • Land is managed in accordance with First Nations Healthy Country plans.


How do I sign up?

Get in touch with or fill in form below to find out how your organisation can support land acquisitions in Australia to grow national parks.


Why does land acquisition work?

  • Protects land from change of use and clearing.
  • Expands the area under national park’s management and first nations healthy country plans.
  • Protects the soil from being disturbed and releasing carbon.
  • Recently slight increases in below ground carbon stocks have been detected where land use is stable under forests (DISER 2021b).


Why is this a business issue?

  • Half of the world’s GDP is highly or moderately reliant on nature and it’s services.
  • The top 5 global risks in terms of likelihood to cause significant negative impacts within the next 10 years are extreme weather, climate action failure, human environmental damage, biodiversity loss and infectious diseases (World Economic Forum 2020).


How close are our eco-systems are in danger of collapse?

To date we have lost:

  • 75% of rainforests and nearly 50% of all forests
  • Over 60% of coastal wetlands in southern and eastern Australia
  • Nearly 90% of temperate woodlands and mallee
  • More than 99% of south-eastern Australia’s temperate lowland grasslands;
  • Over 83% of Tasmania’s lowland grasslands and grassy woodlands;
  • About 95% of brigalow scrub that originally grew in Queensland;
  • Over 90% of Victoria’s grassland

Taking action to restore our environment will help protect our future and the wellbeing of Australians.

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