Gift Trees In Memory

Honour your loved ones and contribute to environmental restoration with Memorial Trees. Plant 100% native trees through the Landscape Resilience Program, a community-led initiative addressing fire and flood-affected areas in Australia.
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Fire Wise Project

Fire Wise sparks change by planting native species strategically, reducing bushfire risks and fostering local biodiversity. With a mission to engage communities in best-practice bushfire mitigation, it ensures a safer and ecologically vibrant future. Rooted in Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales, Fire Wise acts as a catalyst for local action, promoting biodiversity and resilience.
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Cultivating Koala Habitat

The Wollondilly Community Nursery has been an example of environmental hope for over two decades, drawing volunteers and residents into its mission to create a thriving habitat for koalas in the region. Amidst the backdrop of climate change and habitat loss, this nursery is making a positive impact on the local ecosystem.
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Curb Wombat Mange Program

Discover how the NSW Curb Wombat Mange Program is safeguarding Australia's Bare-Nosed Wombats from a deadly threat – Sarcoptic mange. Learn about the vital role these wombats play in their ecosystem and the solutions that are making a real difference in their survival.
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Bandicoot SuperHighway Project

The Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus) is facing extinction due to loss of habitat, encroachment of human development and predation from introduced foxes and cats. But there is hope. The Bandicoot Superhighway Project, a community-driven effort to protect these unique creatures, is restoring their habitat, recording new sightings, and strengthening our connection to nature.
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Lion Island Little Penguin

There is a lack of current data on the breeding success and health of the Little Penguin population at Lion Island more generally. This information is of importance as the population is a satellite population of the Manly Endangered Little Penguin Population, and health and breeding status can indicate wider population trends in Little Penguins in the Sydney area.
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Impact of Bushfires on Koalas

Study to determine the impact of bushfire and clearing on koalas. Initial focus of the project was to map movement patterns and home ranges of Port Stephens koala populations as they recolonised after bushfires, followed by the study of the koalas use of burnt and unburnt bush, the selection of vegetation types and their ability to recolonise after bushfires.
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Habitats for Koalas in the Otways

The Great Otway National Park and surrounding private land is a region of high biodiversity and tourism value, especially for the high densities of koala populations. However, over-browsing by koalas has contributed to a marked decline in tree condition, particularly Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum). This project aims to provide information on koala habitat use, tree species selection and koala movements between habitats in the Otways.
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