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Woomargama National Park

  • YEAR: 2018
  • STATE: New South Wales
  • FOCUS AREAS: Growing Parks/SDG 15: Life on Land

Woomargama National Park in southern NSW is now 229 hectares larger, thanks to the generosity of supporters of national conservation charity theFoundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW).

Formed in 2001 from three former state forests and other crown land, Woomargama National Park is the largest protected area of forest west of the Great Dividing Range, with an incredible diversity of ecosystems across its 24,185 hectares. This Park’s beauty and value lie in this size … for good reason, it’s known as ‘the Border’s Kakadu’.

FNPW support

This project was funded through generous donations from FNPW supporters across Australia and beyond.

Project overview

Some 25 endangered or vulnerable animal species call Woomargama home… including koalas that were once common, but have now not been sighted for almost three decades! Other native animals we’re in danger of losing if we don’t continue to protect this vital area include the Eastern Pygmy-possum, Squirrel Glider, the Greater Longeared Bat, Southern Bell Frog, Regent Honeyeater, Superb Parrot and the Gang-gang Cockatoo.

In 2018 FNPW ran a public appeal to raise the funds to purchase 229 hectares of high conservation value land to add to Woomargama National Park, home for 25 vulnerable or endangered species. The land was previously a privately-owned farm.

To gain a feel for the spectacular beauty of Woomargama, take a look at this recently created video that shows the Park and the land we want to add to its protected status. You’ll also see some of the vast array of wildlife we’re desperate to protect, like grey and red kangaroos, swamp wallabies, quolls, echidnas, wombats, frogs, Carpet Pythons and Powerful Owls.

Of interest, FNPW gained special permission from world renowned music group – the Grammy nominated Fleet Foxes – to use their song ‘Your Protector’ as the soundtrack to this video (re-recorded by Sydney Indie-Folk Group, ‘Lines of Flight’). It’s a perfect fit for this campaign, because by supporting FNPW, you’re the Protector of a vitally important piece of Australia that acts like a major organ in an ecosystem, supporting the whole region as a refuge for plants and animals.


FNPW supports projects across Australia. In the spirit of reconciliation we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

Woomargama Honour Board - Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife Australia - FNPW


The project was completed in 2019.

This project was funded by FNPW in 2018.

Governor Lookout


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is the lead organisation for this project.


Latest news on this project.

On Saturday, 4 May 2019 FNPW President Patrick Medley unveiled an honour board at Woomargama that acknowledges the contributions of FNPW’s generous supporters to the expansion of Woomargama National Park, with two donors travelling to the park to attend the ceremony along with FNPW CEO Ian Darbyshire.

“Some 25 endangered or vulnerable animal species call Woomargama home, including koalas that were once common, but have now not been sighted for almost three decades”, said Ian. “Other native animals we’re in danger of losing if we don’t continue to protect this vital area include the Eastern Pygmy-possum, Squirrel Glider, the Greater Long-eared Bat, Southern Bell Frog, Regent Honeyeater, Superb Parrot and the Gang-gang Cockatoo”, he added.

“The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is the only organisation in Australia that purchases land for permanent protection to grow our wonderful National Parks system, for all to enjoy,” said Ian.

The Appeal Video

Visit Woomargama National Park

Woomargama National Park is the largest protected area of forest west of the Great Dividing Range, find out more to explore the park yourself.

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Woomargama National Park - Wildlife Fundraising - FNPW
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Woomargama Honour Board - Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife Australia - FNPW

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