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Wildlife Heroes

Empowering volunteers and protecting wildlife

  • YEAR: 2019
  • STATE: National
  • FOCUS AREAS: Saving Species

Saving species requires dedication from across the community. Wildlife volunteers are 24/7 frontline responders to roadside and backyard rescues as well as wildlife recovery and rehabilitation after environmental catastrophes. Without assistance from the Wildlife Heroes program, volunteers would have reduced capacity and capability to care for wildlife from rescue through to release back to the wild.

Environmental Challenge


Tackling Growing Threats to Australia’s Wildlife

Australia has suffered the greatest loss in biodiversity of all continents, witnessing the highest rate of extinction in the modern world. Currently, 21% of Australian mammal species are threatened. Wildlife faces pressures from habitat loss and fragmentation, resource extraction, pollution, invasive species, and the impacts of climate change. The invaluable contribution of dedicated wildlife volunteers, numbering over 8,000 in NSW alone, is crucial in securing a future for Australia’s unique wildlife.



What is Wildlife Heroes?

Wildlife Heroes, powered by FNPW, backs volunteers with training, resources and grants to help ensure optimal care for rescued wildlife. These heroes contribute to resilient species populations, giving threatened wildlife a fighting chance. 

Join the force of over 8,000 volunteer wildlife carers – because every act of kindness makes you a WILDLIFE HERO too! 



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Wildlife Heroes Impact in NSW

Our collaboration with NPWS is a shining example of effective teamwork, expanding our reach and achieving shared goals. In the short lifetime of Wildlife Heroes, it has become an important support system for wildlife rehabilitators.

In New South Wales:


Join us in championing those who care for our wildlife! 








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