Memorial Trees

Living Legacies of Love and Healing to Bushfire-Affected Communities

  • YEAR: 2023
  • STATE: National
  • FOCUS AREAS: SDG 15: Life on Land

Honour your loved ones and contribute to environmental restoration with Memorial Trees. Plant 100% native trees through the Landscape Resilience Program, a community-led initiative addressing fire and flood-affected areas in Australia. Join Australia’s largest restoration effort. 

What are Memorial Trees?

Memorial trees are a beautiful and heartfelt way to honour our loved ones and help restore areas affected by fires and floods in Australia. These trees serve as a lasting tribute to cherished memories while also contributing to the restoration of the environment for future generations.

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) plants 100% native trees as part of the Landscape Resilience Program, a community-led initiative that aims to plant over one million native trees in fire and flood-affected areas by 2025. These trees are dedicated to the memory of special people, serving as a meaningful connection between farewells and environmental restoration.





Planting Trees for Eternal Memories and Environmental Care

Amid farewells, there’s a beautiful opportunity to create lasting legacies while caring for our environment. Planting trees in memory of a loved one offers a heartfelt tribute rooted in the growth and strength of nature. These memorial trees not only honour lives but also nurture our environment and the communities we cherish, safeguarding our home for future generations and our precious wildlife. 

Partnering with FNPW to plant memorial trees is a wonderful way for both businesses and individuals to make a real difference.

As proof of a Memorial Tree planted, you will receive a certificate that highlights:



Together, we can join Australia’s largest restoration effort, helping revive areas touched by fire and floods with the enduring beauty of new life.

Send us an email at: to partner with us and plant memorial trees.


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