Matthew McConaughey's Wild Turkey and Homecamp Pair Up to Create Tent and Give A Proportion of Proceeds to FNPW

The Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife was recently mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald about Matthew McConaughey’s bourbon brand, Wild Turkey, and Homecamp, a Melbourne outdoor and camping brand, partnering up to create a tent and donate a proportion of the proceeds to the FNPW.

The collaboration, meant to reconnect Aussies to the wilderness, will help us safeguard natural Australia for future generations to come. And for that, we are truly thankful.

Read on for an excerpt of the article written by Samantha Selinger-Morris, or click here to read the full story.

To hear Matthew McConaughey talk about the “shame” and “embarrassment” in his past is jarring. Not because he’s looked back at his life with his hands covering his face – who hasn’t? – but because he’s so buoyant and joyous in the telling of it.

I stepped in shit and ate crow,” says the actor, leaning towards his computer screen before letting out a Christmas morning smile revealing teeth so bright they’re nearly fluorescent. “And [I] was like, ‘Ooooh!’ And so [then], the embarrassment goes to humour, when I go, ‘Well, if you weren’t so damn arrogant back then, you wouldn’t have had the confidence or the false confidence to put yourself in a position to get humble.’ So thank goodness for the arrogance. Put you in a position to learn a lesson.”

McConaughey took a gruelling exchange trip to rural Australia in 1988 when he was 18, which, he says, significantly shaped the rest of his life and helped lead him to winning an Oscar.

This helps explain why his bourbon company, Wild Turkey, of which McConaughey is creative director, has paired with Homecamp on a limited edition canvas tent, which goes on sale on Wednesday. A proportion of proceeds from each tent will go towards the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, to aid bushfire regeneration efforts.”