Mint NFTs and plant trees

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) has teamed up with renowned blockchain charity, Tokens for Humanity (TFH), to offer the Ethereum community the ability to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and plant real trees in flood-damaged areas.

The first generation of these NFTs, called Gen 1 Merge Trees, commemorate the Merge, Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work, also known as crypto mining, to proof-of-stake. According to the Ethereum Foundation, the Merge decreased Ethereum’s carbon footprint by approximately 99.992% (from 11,016,000 to 870 tonnes CO2e), making the network 99% more energy efficient, and aligning the platform well to the values of both FNPW and TFH.

David Goldman, Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer, FNPW, said, “If we are going to achieve our ambitious goal of planting one million trees by 2025, we need to reach different communities. The Gen 1 Merge Trees offer the Ethereum community a chance to positively impact flood-affected areas across Australia.”

Each NFT sold represents a real tree that will be planted in flood-affected areas across Australia. The goal is to restore and regenerate damaged ecosystems while capturing carbon. Over a 25-year lifespan, a tree can sequester 2.75 tonnes of carbon on average. If the campaign reaches its target, 137,500 tonnes of carbon will be captured, 158 times greater than the estimated annual carbon consumption of the entire Ethereum network.

The campaign merges physical and digital realities in a force for good. Each NFT minted on Ethereum will correspond to a real-life tree planted in flood-damaged areas in Australia and be represented as a digital artwork donated by contemporary Australian landscape artist Sally Willbanks. Limited edition trees will also be available as Sandbox assets that can be used within The Sandbox.

David Goldman said, “We believe we can plant an additional 50,000 trees through this campaign. These trees will serve as an everlasting commemoration of the Merge and how Ethereum has gone green. These are important milestones and achievements for the community and our planet.”

The planted trees are part of the Plant a Tree for Me initiative. Launched in 2015 by FNPW, Plant a Tree for Me’s conservation program of activities helps protect and grow natural habitat, which is key to the survival of Australia’s endangered species. Over the past 200 years, more than 75% of Australia’s native vegetation has been destroyed or degraded, seriously impacting native animals.

Bryce Thomas, Co-Founder of Tokens for Humanity, said ” We believe in the power of collaboration to drive real change, and our partnership with FNPW is a perfect example of this. By leveraging the Ethereum network and the unique capabilities of NFTs, we are able to create a campaign that not only raises funds for conservation efforts, but also educates and engages the wider community on the importance of environmental preservation.”

Frederick Brien, Co-founder of Tokens for Humanity, said “We are proud to be a part of this innovative campaign that not only promotes environmental stewardship, but also engages the Ethereum community in a meaningful way. The ability to mint an NFT and directly see the positive impact of planting a real tree in flood-damaged areas is a powerful example of the potential of blockchain technology for social good.”

The focus on flood-damaged areas for this campaign address the parts of Australia that have seen the worst flood conditions in decades. Vast parts of Australia’s landscape have been destroyed, and replanting efforts in bushfire recovery programs have also been devastated. Replacing trees in these areas is critical to maintaining biodiversity and protecting the landscape from further erosion and damage.

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