Photo courtesy by Gimesy Douglas

Wildlife Heroes Upcoming Activities

Opportunities for Wildlife Carers

The Wildlife Heroes plan for the next year has just been approved and we are excited to share a couple of highlights of what we have in store for Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteers and Wildlife Friendly Vets / Vet Nurses of NSW.

First up, there will be a grant round to provide funds for volunteer wildlife rehabilitators to acquire, build, repair, or upgrade medium to large assets for their important wildlife rehabilitation work.

Types of assets we will be funding include wildlife enclosures, storage structures, trailers, and other specialised assets that will enable positive wildlife outcomes. We are trying to encourage assets that are multi-purpose, relocatable, and able to be shared amongst multiple rehabilitators. So, get your thinking caps on and design a multi-purpose trailer that can relocate a macropod enclosure, be fitted with a bat misting system ready for the next heat stress event, or be kitted out for emergency response! Let’s get innovative!

There will be a strong focus on training this year with courses around emergency preparedness, including First Aid, made available to wildlife rehabilitators who are able to respond in disaster events.

Wildlife Friendly Vets / Vet Nurses will be offered several training opportunities as well including:

  • a comprehensive training package being delivered in partnership with Vets Beyond Borders;
  • veterinary response to sick, injured, or stranded marine wildlife, available through National Parks and Wildlife Services
  • a chance to sit in on mentoring sessions with Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Veterinarians.

If you are (or if you know of) a vet or vet nurse who is interested in these opportunities, nominate to become part of the Wildlife Friendly Vet community here: and we will keep you up-to-date on these great opportunities.

Well, that is just a little sample of some of Wildlife Heroes activities coming up. Watch this space for more!


For Wildlife,

Stacey Mole

Wildlife Heroes Project Manager

Springfield Lakes Nature Care INC