Wildlife Heroes Medium to Large Asset Grant round – A great success!

The Medium to Large Asset Grant applications have been processed and the Wildlife Heroes team is proud to announce there will be 14 successful applications from wildlife rehabilitation groups around NSW.

The total grant fund of $160,000 was oversubscribed by roughly $40,000, demonstrating there is a real need for larger assets within the wildlife sector. We have worked hard at adjusting Wildlife Heroes funding allocations to ensure almost every application is supported.

The Wildlife Heroes team is thrilled at the variety of wildlife species that will benefit from the assets developed from this grant round. A quick summary of some of the exciting projects ahead for successful applicants:

  • Purpose-built enclosure for long-nosed fur seal rehabilitation
  • Completion of a flying fox creche and release facility
  • 4WD wildlife rescue and emergency response vehicle fit out (custom canopy)
  • Black cockatoo pre-release flight aviary
  • Steel mesh panels for relocatable, multipurpose enclosures and wildlife transport boxes
  • Specialised sea snake rehabilitation tanks
  • Relocatable bat / multi-purpose enclosure
  • Feed leaf storage facility for a koala hospital
  • Wallaby soft release enclosure
  • Glider pre-release facility
  • Wombat (fire safe) enclosure

This grant round was a direct result of in person meetings with wildlife groups around NSW. We asked what the groups needed and did our best to develop a grant that would suit most, as a way of helping wildlife yes, but also as a way of thanks: for the absolute dedication wildlife rehabilitators show to the animals in their care. We hope this grant will make their work a bit easier, safer and successful.

Happy 2023!


Stacey Mole, Wildlife Heroes Project Manager

The NSW Wildlife Heroes Project is managed by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife with funding from the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.