Wildlife Heroes Medium to Large Asset Grant round – Application highlight

One of the many excellent applications submitted to Wildlife Heroes was from Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc. This group made full use of the options available under this grant by applying for 2 new assets and one upgrade to an existing asset. They provided an excellent description, complete with all necessary details including diagrams and quotes. For a summary of their proposal and expected outcomes please read on:

ASSET 1: Glider pre-release facility. There are no glider pre-release facilities on the NSW South Coast which comply with NSW National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) Codes of Practice (large enough to allow the large gliders to practice gliding). Currently, sugar gliders, vulnerable yellow-bellied gliders, and endangered greater gliders need to be transported well over 100km for pre-release conditioning, to a location with different weather and environment before being returned to the rescue area for release. When not populated with gliders, the facility will be available for other species needing flight testing or conditioning.

ASSET 2: Macropod Isolation Room. This room will be placed in the advanced macropod care facility. Over 60 carers volunteer at this facility – in shifts of up to 10 people per day. There is limited capacity to hold adult kangaroos. Their size and strength present logistical and safety challenges. The isolation room will allow volunteers to treat large kangaroos safely and isolate them from other animals in care.

UPGRADE 1: Macropod enclosure. The upgraded enclosure will allow a safer and more appropriate environment where joeys (8 kg or less) can be held separately from larger sub-adults. The upgrade will: increase macropod capacity, allow access to different areas of shade and sun, provide greater shelter from prevailing winds, ease the transfer of animals between enclosures, and upgrade the fencing quality. Between disasters and increasing disease issues, this extra capacity is needed.

Wildlife Heroes is proud to support these and many other new and improved assets that will improve the capability and capacity for wildlife rehabilitators of NSW to do their important work.


Stacey Mole, Wildlife Heroes Project Manager

The NSW Wildlife Heroes Project is managed by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife with funding from the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.