FNPW Restoration Funding – Closing Date Extended


The application deadline for FNPW Bushfire Recovery Restoration Grants has now been extended to February 14th, 2022.

We encourage anyone in a bushfire impacted LGA to apply for support for any restoration activities they are undertaking in 2022.


We have had a number of queries from people about the grants, here are some answers to some of the frequent questions:

Are you located in an LGA that has been listed as bushfire impacted?
If you answered yes, you are eligible for funding through the FNPW Bushfire Recovery Restoration Grants. Not sure if your LGA is listed? Search for your LGA here:

But my property wasn’t burnt / other people need funding more than me…
All areas of the bushfire impacted LGA’s are eligible for funding as it is important to ensure that restoration activities of native species are occurring everywhere, especially near areas severely impacted by fires. Some of the fire impacted areas or the communities that support them may not be ready for restoration activities yet. By supporting activities surrounding these severely impacted areas we are ensuring that nurseries in communities are supported to continue their work, and that there are plenty of plants available in future years for seed collection and habitat corridors.

What funding is available?
Cash funding of up to $5000 can be accessed to support tree planting and restoration activities including contractors for planting, weed control activities, fencing and understory plants.
Trees and shrubs over 3 metres in height can be sourced FREE from any of our FNPW Bushfire Recovery Nurseries.
To check the guidelines for the grant round and what activities are eligible for funding head to:

I only need to plant grasses and understory plants am I eligible?
Yes you are eligible for funding, but priority will be given to projects that are sourcing trees from our FNPW Bushfire Recovery Nurseries. The reason for this is that our Bushfire Recovery project has a goal of planting 1 million trees and we are supporting the community nurseries to provide these trees. So the more trees you take from an FNPW Bushfire Recovery Nursery, the more funding they also receive through our program!

I’m not near a Bushfire Recovery Nursery can I buy trees?
First make sure you find out where FNPW Bushfire Recovery Nurseries are located: https://fnpw.org.au/project/bushfire-recovery-nurseries/
We encourage you to chat to a nursery manager to see if they can deliver or grow trees for your area – some are very flexible in the species they can grow and our restoration grants can then support travel or delivery costs for the plants to get to you. If you are located more than 100km away from one of our nurseries you can apply for funding for trees or plants from your local nursery.

Can I apply as an individual or business?
To apply for a grant you must have an ABN. For profit businesses are not eligible. If you are an individual without an ABN or a for profit business looking at restoration activities we suggest that you get in touch with your local Landcare coordinator and see if they can apply on your behalf. They may even be able to assist with volunteers for planting and information of the best species to plant to support your local habitat. To find your local Landcare see here: https://landcareaustralia.org.au/landcare-get-involved/findagroup/

If you are unsure about your eligibility please contact grantsmanager@fnpw.org.au prior to applying to confirm.