FNPW Launch Flood Emergency Appeal

Australia is currently facing another natural disaster. Since late February, record-breaking floods have impacted communities in NSW and Queensland, putting homes and habitats underwater.

The floods have also devastated the FNPW Bushfire Recovery Nurseries and threatened species projects in NSW.

We still do not know the full extent of the damage, but we are working with our project partners to identify the impacts and what we can do to support.

One of the ways you can help right now is through a donation to Healing our land, our ongoing recovery work in response to the Black Summer Bushfires, and now the floods.


From Bushfires to Floods…

The past two years have been a very difficult time for our country, and especially our wildlife. We are still recovering from the catastrophic Black Summer Bushfires and the unprecedented effects of the pandemic.

Over the past year our generous partners and supporters have helped FNPW to launch thirteen Bushfire Recovery Nurseries to support that recovery. Over 100,000 trees have been planted towards this habitat restoration through the Bushfire Recovery Nursery program.

Now, we are faced with the challenge that the current floods will pose to the ongoing recovery effort of our wilderness and wildlife.

Over a quarter of a million trees in our Bushfire Recovery Nurseries could now be lost. 

In February this year alone, over 56,000 trees were planted from the Friends of the Koala Bushfire Recovery Nursery in Lismore, NSW. But with the current floods, it may take weeks or months before any more trees can be delivered.

Restoration work is long-term work. It can take anywhere from six to twelve months for native plants to go from the nursery to a planting site. That is why your support of habitat restoration is even more important following these devasting floods.

Once the floods have subsided, our project partners will need as much as help as they can get to rebuild and regrow what has been lost in the floods. As with other disasters you and I have faced, the recovery from these floods will take time. That is why your ongoing support is vital. 


Please donate today. With the effects of climate impacts and disasters from floods and bushfires increasing globally, as well as across Australia, our work now to protect our existing habitats is more important than ever.

There’s no bigger legacy than the planet we share. Thank you in anticipation of your valued support.     

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