FNPW announces Healing our land

We have all seen the devastation created by Australia’s bushfires. Now it’s time to ease the distress of the animals and start the replenishment of our parks.

Let’s start the healing today.


FNPW has launched a worldwide appeal Healing our land to help repair the damage inflicted during Australia’s horror bushfire season.

With the support of many individuals, local and global communities and corporate partners, FNPW has been able to respond to the immediate emergency by  distributing funds to wildlife rehabilitation groups across the country. Healing our land will be the next step in the bushfire recovery process.

“Our main driver is looking at the loss biodiversity and how we’re going to deal with that,” said FNPW CEO Ian Darbyshire. “We are looking at decades of work and there are also things that we can just do straight away. It’s going to be a consistent effort with the Federal Government, state governments and communities, to heal the land.”

Over the coming 12 months, FNPW will continue to distribute funds to the amazing army of Australians engaged in wildlife rehabilitation through the Wildlife Heroes program. Beyond that, Healing our land will also extend to help restore our national parks with tree plantings and landscape management.

Additionally, Healing our land may involve purchasing lands for the express purpose of becoming new national parks. With over 12 million hectares burned across the country, rehabilitation of animal habitat will be a mammoth task. “The loss of biodiversity is quite huge.” Added Ian.

With your support, we can get to work to rebuild what has been lost, to begin Healing our land.


Support Healing our land today

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