2023 Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife Impact Report

Safeguarding Australia's Natural Wonders

We are delighted to introduce to you the 2023 Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife Impact Report. This report highlights the significant progress we have made together. It is your support that safeguards Australia’s natural wonders for future generations.





To deliver maximum impact and ensure that we’re funding priority projects which are pivotal in safeguarding and preserving Australia’s rich natural biodiversity, we align with international and national environmental objectives, including:

Since COP 15, our efforts have echoed the worldwide push for conservation. We’re dedicated to goals like protecting 30% of land and marine areas by 2030 and preserving Indigenous knowledge.

Our partnerships extend to biodiversity reporting frameworks, guiding our investments for maximum environmental benefit. By expanding national parks, saving threatened species and restoring our land, we’re building a sustainable future for Australia.

Some of the key highlights from our report:


Growing Parks 

  • Supported 50+ land purchases since 1970.
  • Developing the Wapma Thura Southern Flinders Ranges National Park, a world-class nature tourism destination.
  • Expanding the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforests.


Saving Species

  • Work alongside governments to prioritise the protection of threatened native species.
  • Supporting 167 threatened plant and animal species across Australia.
  • The Wildlife Heroes project aided over 700 species over three years, with over 50% being threatened mammals.
  • Working to save 1 million turtles in the Murray-Darling Basin.


Healing Our Land

  • Planting over 700,000 native trees for restoration.
  • Building one of Australia’s largest community-led restoration projects across 4 states enabled by 19 local community nurseries and 10,000+ volunteers.
  • The Fire Wise project, launched with CSIRO, is a catalyst for community engagement in best-practice bushfire risk mitigation, ensuring a safer and ecologically vibrant future.
  • Collaborating with Indigenous groups to create projects grounded in a blend of Indigenous knowledge and scientific evidence.


Thank you. Together we will continue to create meaningful and lasting impact.


Happy Impact Reading!