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Safeguarding Australia's Natural Wonders

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We are delighted to present the annual Impact Report for 2022, showcasing the remarkable achievements of the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in safeguarding Australia’s natural wonders. Significant progress has been made towards the mission of preserving these treasures for future generations. The year 2022 witnessed global strides in biodiversity, with Australia proudly joining 195 other nations in committing to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 through the signing of the Global Biodiversity Framework. Let’s explore the Foundation’s accomplishments and the positive impact they have made on our environment.

Expanding National Parks and Protecting Threatened Species

A core principle of the Foundation’s conservation approach has been acquiring land to grow national parks and protect Australia’s threatened species. Since our first land purchase in 1972, we have continued this effort, with notable achievements in 2022. Adding 60,000 hectares to our portfolio, we established the Nilpena Ediacara National Park, which was shortlisted for UNESCO World Heritage Status. In another milestone, the Foundation acquired 189 hectares to extend the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, forever preserving an area equivalent to 467 soccer pitches. These expansions contribute to the long-term conservation and preservation of our natural wonders.

Recovering from Bushfires and Flooding

The Foundation’s Bushfire Recovery Project, aimed at regrowing and planting over 1 million native trees in fire and flood-affected regions by 2025, continued to evolve in 2022. With over 400,000 trees grown and partnerships with local communities, we have rejuvenated over 550 hectares across Australia. This reforestation effort plays a crucial role in preserving wildlife habitats and enhancing the resilience of these areas for future environmental challenges. By replanting trees and restoring ecosystems, the Foundation is actively contributing to the recovery and protection of our natural environment.

Supporting Wildlife Carers

Another significant achievement of FNPW is the continued support of Australia’s wildlife carers. By expanding the capacity of carers and veterinarians, we ensure that injured and displaced animals receive the best possible care, increasing their chances of survival and eventual release back into their natural habitats. This support acknowledges the vital role of wildlife carers in preserving our unique fauna and ensuring their well-being.

Creating Lasting Impact

With renewed global goals and increasing recognition of the value of biodiversity and environmental health, the Foundation expresses gratitude for the continued support and dedication of its partners and supporters. Together, we are creating a lasting impact and driving positive social change. By protecting and cherishing Australia’s natural wonders, we are safeguarding these treasures for generations to come. FNPW’s efforts align with the global commitment to preserving biodiversity and ensuring the long-term well-being of our planet.

FNPW partners with corporate organisations, philanthropists, donors’ government and local communities to maximise environmental impact.  

If you want to discuss how you can support community projects or create environmental partnerships that achieve impact on a national scale then get in touch for a chat via rebecca@fnpw.org.au.


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