After devastating fires in December 2019 and subsequent significant rain events, including the July 2022 floods, residents of Upper Yango Creek Valley have teamed up with FNPW to identify, propagate and plant endemic species that will help address habitat loss and the considerable erosion that has occurred in Upper Yango Creek.
Working with FNPW Nurseries such as Upper Hunter Landcare and Trees in Newcastle, seed collection has begun and species linked to local providence have been identified and through a FNPW grant tube stock have been purchased or put on a grow order.
A Valley Planting Day on the weekend of 29th October 2022 saw the beginning of 600 tube stock being planted across 11 properties that front Upper Yango Creek. Land holders report that loss of plants thus far has been amazingly minimal.
Further rounds of planting including stock that is being grown by the above nurseries will take place in Autumn. In preparation for the next planting round significant weeds such as blackberry will be targeted and a spraying program begun.

Upper Yango Creek Landholders Association