Trees planted in McCullys Gap

On a property in McCullys Gap the local Landcare have been involved in planting trees as a part of a process of restoring a wetland. The majority of the edge of several existing farm dams have been fenced off and these areas have been planted with a mix of eucalypts and understorey natives.

This is one stage of a larger plan involving returning parts of the gully to a swamp like character that was lost when the area was ‘cleaned up’ about 70 years ago. Low barriers are under construction to slow the movement of water and plants like lomandra have been planted.

In a second project, an extension has been planted to an existing tree lot that was created as a wildlife stepping stone (or corridor). A 600 m long tree lot which was planted in stages in 2015, has now been extended by another 250 metres.

So far 200 trees have been planted and another 150 will be planted by the completion of this project, once the final section of drip irrigation is installed. This has now increased the planting on this property 3.5 to 5 Ha.

McCullys Gap Landcare