Royalla Landcare Conservation Area Restoration Project

Restoration Project – Royalla Landcare Planting

It’s been two months since we held a planting day on a Conservation property in Royalla. On the day we showcased planting techniques using an Electric auger & Hamilton tree planter.

With the ground being so wet the Hamilton tree planter came to the fore with the auger only used on slopes where the ground was harder. The electric auger was really great so much quieter than petrol ones & just as effective.

We also learnt that using a large bamboo 20mm stake instead of a hardwood stake more than halved the time to put them together. And no splinters or sore arms! Combined with a narrower bamboo stake put through the other two sides from top to bottom will stop them spinning & blowing away. To-date they are working really well with a biodegradable cardboard guard.
Altogether much more environmentally friendly solution !

We didn’t rip deciding not to plant in rows & adopted a more natural approach. We planted in groups & some thickets of same the species. Creating a series of stepping stones leaving the grasslands untouched in-between.

Over the week we got 2500 tubestock in mostly wattles to provide that all important understory layer which was missing due to grazing whilst a sheep property. The understory planted will provide valuable habitat for small nesting birds, an important food source for the sugar gliders & pollen for many native bees & nectar eaters. Providing a healthy balance in the Box Gum Grassy Woodland.

We would like to thank Greening Australia & Foundation of National Parks & Wildlife for their generous support in providing grants to enable this project, James Suthern & his team of planters and volunteers on the demonstration planting day.

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