Namabunda Bursts Into Life With FNPW Support

The 32 Ha property on Alstonville plateau, owned by the Bundjalung Tribal Society, called “Namabunda” is bursting with life and diversity thanks to support from the FNPW.

Over the course of the last 18 months volunteers and Bundjalung community members have been working together to plant out several hundred Big Scrub native rainforest and koala food trees along the Youngman Creek riparian zone.

“It is just wonderful to see the growth in the new plantings!” enthused Tracey King, Chairperson of the Bundjalung Tribal Society. “Some of the pioneer species have grown over 1.5m in just over a year!”

In the photo, you can see a Brown Kurrajong, which was planted the day before the floods on 27 February, 2022. Now, just over 14 months later, the Brown Kurrajong is almost 2m tall.

“We have planted out almost 750 Big Scrub and Koala Food trees in the riparian zone of Youngman Creek,” Ms King said. “But we won’t stop there. Our plan is to keep planting until we can support the habitats for the endangered snails and invertebrates, as well as iconic species such as Koalas.”

Bundjalung Tribal Society

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