Monitoring & Surveying Greater Gliders for future

On a cold May morning, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland’s staff Matt Cecil & Wayne Cameron set out along the trails in White Rock Spring Mountain Reserve in the Springfield Lakes region to survey the Greater Glider & squirrel glider/phascogayle nest boxes.

This survey was made possible with funding from the Community Conservation Grants through the Foundation of National Parks & Wildlife.

Whilst the team didn’t have any Greater Gliders occupying the large boxes high up in the canopy, the smaller rear entry gliders were inhabited. It seems the box that contained only one glider six months previously, now had three gliders cuddled up inside.

Since a female is more likely to have twin joeys as opposed to a single birth, the survey also revealed an increase in glider numbers, as most of the boxes were occupied by more than one glider.

The survey proves that nest boxes are providing artificial homes for our hollow dependent wildlife, that would normally take up to eighty years to form naturally

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