Exciting Progress at the Bunyah Restoration Project

Preparations for the propagation and planting of 6000 trees along riparian corridors at the Bunyah Restoration Project are well under way.

Restoration funding from the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) has enabled this exciting project which will provide wildlife corridors between remnant forests on Private land and the adjacent Wang Wauk Forest, the latter of which is a Koala ARK.

All seeds have been locally collected and are being grown out by Trees in Newcastle with funding via FNPW’s Bushfire Regeneration Scheme. The construction of stock proof, wildlife friendly fencing is well underway and planting will occur in autumn 2023.

Based on their dulcet bellows (at this time of year) we think the Koalas approve of our plans.

Bunyah Restoration Project Incorporated

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