Discovering a hidden gem

On a chilly winters morning the Landcare volunteers gathered in a paddock. It was discovered that the demographic of our volunteers was aged 55 and above and that we needed to attract some younger folks and so we hatched some plans to do just that!

Our thoughts were to call work days “planting doofs” with maybe a DJ and lots of sparkly things that attract young people and then provide them with trees to plant to the grooves! Joking aside, it is interesting that most of the Landcare groups tend to be populated by older people, maybe it’s just a question of having the time with busy lives.

After some planting of subtropical and dry rainforest species (it is an area of interesting blend of ecotones) we went for a walk as a group and discovered a very lovely swimming hole surrounded by figs (macrophylla and coronate) grey myrtle and dry rainforest species.

Websters Creek Catchment Landcare meets on Sundays on a weekly basis and are currently focused on two specific sites along the creek with madeira vine and lantana.

Websters Creek Catchment Landcare