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has an enormous impact on conservation

FNPW relies on your help to fund critical conservation projects Australia-wide, partnering with community groups, rangers and scientists, indigenous groups, individuals and government agencies to have a direct impact on growing and protecting our natural habitats.

Projects to protect

our future environment

FNPW supports a range of projects to protect natural Australia for future generations. Since the 2019/2020 bushfires, FNPW has focused on projects towards Healing our land in bushfire affected areas of Australia.

To see the impact FNPW has on our environment, please take a look at the diverse range of projects with which we are currently involved.

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Land acquisitions

to grow our national parks

To conserve nature, we must preserve the land and water of our country – the lifeblood of environmental balance.

Species—including our own—cannot survive without a healthy habitat. That’s why we add land to Australia’s national parks for permanent protection. We’re not about locking nature up. We’re about protecting it in the most secure way possible, while also making it available for you to access and enjoy.

Nilpena Station

FNPW Grants

that make a difference

FNPW provides grants for conservation projects by government agencies, private landholders, community groups and scientists.

Are you planning a project that will help conserve Australia’s native plants, animals or cultural heritage? A grant from FNPW could help you get your project off the ground.

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Environmental Education

for future generations

Learning about what you see outside encourages you to care and to practice more positive environmental behaviours.

FNPW believe in environmental education as a key pillar of the projects and grants we fund. Backyard Buddies is FNPW’s widely know educational initiative.

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