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an FNPW Grant

If you have a project to help conserve Australia’s native habitats, wildlife or cultural heritage, or else to offer environmental education, an FNPW Grant could get your project off the ground.

We offer Grants to conservation projects by government agencies, private landholders, community groups, and scientists.

Bushfire Restoration Grants

The purpose of this grant program is to support habitat restoration projects for communities in and around regions impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires in QLD, SA, VIC & NSW.

Bushfire Recovery Grants

Following the catastrophic bushfires in summer 2019-20 the Healing our land campaign was developed to support long term bushfire recovery projects across Australia including restoration and monitoring projects and large scale tree planting for threatened species populations following the fires.

Photo courtesy of Doug Gimesy

Wildlife Heroes Grants

The Wildlife Heroes project commenced in NSW through the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in NSW to support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation volunteers across Australia.

Community Conservation Grants

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife invites grant applications for conservation projects. The purpose of our Community Conservation Grants is to assist in the protection of our native species, habitats, landscapes and cultural heritage…