Donate to protect
Australia's endangered species and their habitats

We love Australia’s natural and cultural heritage and are committed to maintaining it for future generations. If you love Australia’s wildlife and wonderfully diverse places, and treasure our unique flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth, please make a donation today.

Donate to Healing our land

The work towards healing our land after the 2019/2020 bushfires is not over. Our wildlife still need you to protect the habitats they have left. FNPW still needs you to give the land a hand. We all can be part of the regeneration. Will you continue to support our environment and those precious native animals with a donation to Healing our land?

Pygmy Possum Close Up - Wildlife Donation Australia - FNPW

Become a Habitat Hero with a Monthly Gift

HABITAT HEROES are a special group of FNPW donors because they provide monthly gifts on an ongoing basis. In this way, FNPW Habitat Heroes form a fund that we can count on as a steady resource for our important work.

Plant-A-Tree-Donation-Item Photo by Carol Carter & Allan Chawner

Plant a Tree to support Bushfire Recovery

Help continue to grow Australia’s damaged bushland and animal habitats by donating the cost of a tree. Planting trees to continue Healing our land is so important, not just for our supporters like you and the FNPW team, but, most importantly, for the livelihood of our precious Australian wildlife. With your help, together we will replace what has been lost.

Glossy Black Cockatoo Marj Kibby - Conservation Grants - FNPW Picture Credit: Marj Kibby

Donate to Growing Parks and Saving Species

Give now to protect endangered native animals and secure the habitats they depend on through the purchase of high conservation value areas near national parks.