Donate to wildlife
and protect Australia's endangered species

If you love Australia’s wildlife and wonderfully diverse places, and treasure our unique flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth, please make a donation to wildlife today.

Create your extinction free zone

Our National Parks and protected areas are refuges for our irreplaceable native species. This tax time, we need your urgent help to expand the Boodjamulla National Park in Far North Queensland and also to further our key work in supporting and protecting the environment, biodiversity and heritage of Australia.

Support long-term recovery with a monthly gift

Become a Habitat Hero and join our special group of donors who accelerate our work by providing a steady source of funding. Your monthly gift will support long term conservation work, including restoration of habitats for our endangered native flora and fauna. Your ongoing gift, no matter how big or small, will help to create a better future for natural Australia.

Healing Our Land

Our native lands and species are endangered. And when we lose them, they are lost forever. Our actions today will impact the future we leave our children and grandchildren. Your gift to Healing Our Land will ensure that our wildlife continues to thrive now and into the future.

Gift a Tree

Planting trees is a great way to help fight the impacts of disasters and climate change. Planting a tree helps reduce carbon footprint, reducing the impacts of climate change, as well as provides essential wildlife corridors.

Why not say Gift a Tree? Show your appreciation to your family and friends with a beautiful tree gift that keeps on giving.