Donate Land to FNPW for Australian conservation

A land donation is one of the greatest gifts you can give to support Australian wildlife conservation. Your land could become part of a national park and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

A land donation may be the ideal solution if you have land of conservation value and you:

  • do not use the land
  • wish for it to be preserved
  • are looking for ways to reduce tax burdens
  • have no heirs to bequeath the land to
  • do not wish to bequeath the land to your heirs
  • would like to be released from the responsibility of managing the land

If you want to own and control your land during your lifetime, but assure its protection after your death, you can bequeath it to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in your will. To learn more about Gifts in Wills please visit our page on Bequests.

Tax benefits for Property Donations

Since changes in 1999, the Income Tax Assessment Act:

  • Allows an income tax deduction in relation to gifts of property including land valued at more than $5000 by the Taxation Commissioner to eligible charities, regardless of when and how the property was acquired.
  • Allows apportionment (spread) of deductions over five years in relation to these property donations.
  • Provides a capital gains tax exemption for testamentary gifts of property (i.e. gifts made through a will or bequest).

For more information on tax incentives for property donations for conservation please visit:

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