Donate your device to protect our lands

Your old smartphones, iPad or Apple Watches can be useful to FNPW.

With more than 54% of the e-waste we produce ending up in landfills, it is urgent to act in order to protect our lands. This is why we partnered with Rebold to give you the opportunity to donate differently. Whether you’ve built up a collection of smartphones over the years, or upgraded to a new iPhone you can donate your unused devices to FNPW via Rebold. By donating your electronics to FNPW, you give your devices their second life and you’ll reduce your e-waste footprint.


DONATE DEVICE eco-satchel

How does it work?

1. Visit Rebold

Go to Rebold to start the donation process. Give more details about the device you would like to donate to the FNPW (not all devices are accepted).

2. Send your device

Rebold will send you a donation kit including a prepaid eco-stachel and recycling paper wrap to post back your device from one of the 35,000 Australian postboxes or Post Offices.

3. Donate to FNPW

Rebold will assess your devices upon arrival. They will convert its value into a donation to the FNPW. Once processed, we will send you an email to confirm the donation.

4. Your device lives again

Your device will be restored, repaired and reused by people who needs it.