Corporate volunteering for the environment and conservation

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is one of Australia’s most impactful environmental charities that focuses on buying land to grow parks, funding projects that save species and heal and restore our land. We organise corporate volunteering days in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.


Volunteer Opportunities for Corporate Groups

FNPW offers two types of corporate volunteer opportunities:


1. Bushfire Recovery Nurseries

Our recovery nurseries will grow and plant over 1 million trees by 2025 in bushfire and flood affected areas, creating environmental resilience in local communities.  Corporate volunteer groups will support the growth of thousands of plants in a single day, repotting seedlings with their team, learning from our experts about native plants and the significant role they play in the local environment.  This is a hands-on educational experience.  


2. Heal our National Parks

Join restoration sessions that will support the needs of Australia’s national parks. Corporate volunteers will experience the outdoors and make a real difference to the future of Australian habitats by removing invasive species, replanting native ones and cleaning-up to support local ecosystems. These projects will support local communities and the enjoyment of local parks for all Australians. 


Benefits of volunteering for employees:

  • Develop a connection to Australia’s natural spaces. 
  • Create a positive impact on the environment and local biodiversity.  
  • Engage in meaningful team building volunteer activities.
  • Learn about the native plants and animals in the area. 


Benefits of volunteering for businesses:

  • Contributes towards your sustainability reporting, ESG or CSR goals.  
  • It helps to build employee engagement and loyalty.  
  • It helps improve brand reputation.  


Benefits of volunteering for communities:

  • Supports the growth and planting of 1 million trees by 2025 in fire and flood affected areas.  
  • Benefits local ecosystems and ensures the health of Australian natural spaces.  
  • Supports local catering services. 



For a group of 20 people, the day comes at a cost of $3,500 + GST, equating to $175 per person + GST. This amount is entirely tax deductible.  Lunch and equipment are included. 


How to book

Submit a request to our team in the form below and we will contact you. We offer standalone sessions, or a program of events over the year, working with you to understand your needs, timings and to find opportunities in your local area.  Volunteers play a huge part in ensuring Australia’s natural places are cherished for generations to come.

Join us to #VolunteerforImpact. 



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FAQ Corporate Volunteering

Group sizes for corporate volunteering with FNPW are kept small to enhance hands-on participation, foster a deeper connection to the environment and facilitate a better learning opportunity. Smaller groups ensure efficient coordination, meaningful contributions from every participant, and ease in logistical arrangements, ensuring each volunteer has a relevant, educational, and impactful experience in conservation efforts. 

Corporate Volunteering is paid for due to its substantial coordination, resource allocation and cost recovery. Companies invest in these experiences to foster team cohesion, provide meaningful engagement, and develop employees' connection to nature. Additionally, it supports alignment with CSR/ESG goals, which helps to enhance Corporates’ brand reputation and contribute to their sustainability initiatives. This experience is a strategic investment in both employee development and environmental impact.

Tree planting corporate volunteering can only occur at certain times of the year, typically from June to September, and varies by location. Tree planting is less common in sites closer to the CBD. While tree planting may not always be an option, there are other impactful activities available, such as supporting recovery nurseries and participating in restoration sessions in national parks. These activities provide hands-on educational experiences, contribute to environmental resilience and support local ecosystems. 

Volunteering with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) offers a unique opportunity to contribute to conservation and the environment in Australia. Through corporate volunteering days in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, teams can engage in hands-on activities to restore habitats, save species and care for our national parks. Additionally, the corporate volunteering program aligns to Australia’s national target of protecting 30% of Australia’s lands and oceans by 2030.