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Get your Team involved. Corporate volunteering for environment and wildlife

A great day out for your employees, Corporate Volunteering is a fabulous way to build team spirit and strengthen bonds. It also creates memorable experiences while exploring and restoring some of our unique national parks. No experience is necessary, just be prepared to get your hands dirty planting out areas with native seedlings, taking part in bush regeneration activities including mulching and weeding, and maybe some heritage restoration work.

FNPW is working to get Corporate Volunteering events back up and running in 2021. If you would like to register your interest in booking a corporate volunteering day, please Contact Us per the form below.

About Corporate Volunteering with FNPW

FNPW have worked with a number of corporate supporters and their employees to deliver positive environmental outcomes that proactively engage corporate teams.

For all corporate volunteering events, an experienced team leader will be onsite to lead your corporate team, provide information about the site including local environmental issues and the biodiversity of the area, deliver a safety briefing, and provide instructions for the volunteers to carry out their activities.

Our corporate teams come away from their experience with a better understanding of the environment, the importance of conserving our national parks and native species and awareness regarding how their activities at home and at work may be affecting fragile ecosystems.

Corporate Volunteering Costs:

Costs vary depending on location however do include morning tea and lunch.

Why do we charge for corporate volunteering?

The funds raised by FNPW’s Corporate Volunteering Program are invested back into the national park or nursery hosting your volunteer day. Funds also purchase the resources, tools and native seedlings for your team, which is why it is necessary to cover the costs associated with running corporate volunteering events.

Corporate Volunteering expenses cover the following:
  • Certificate of appreciation to your company for the investment of your corporate volunteers time and company funds
  • Volunteer Accident Insurance Policy covering volunteer participation in our activities
  • Jobs Safety Analysis for each site including site preparation work (which may include ripping of soil, application of fertilisers or other soil conditioners, organising tools and plant orders)
  • Team Leader to conduct site induction, safety briefing and coordinate activities that the team will be undertaking
  • Purchase of consumables such as gloves, seedlings, tree guards, stakes, fertilisers, water crystals and weed mats
  • Provision of all tools and equipment required
  • Regular site maintenance – to keep the site weed free and native seedlings happily watered!

Corporate Volunteering in 2021

with FNPW

FNPW is updating our 2021 Corporate Volunteering Program to include volunteer opportunties in our bushfire recovery nurseries, as well as national parks.

Corporate volunteering events for 2021 are still To Be Confirmed, but please Contact Us to register your interest.


Bushfire Recovery Nursery Volunteering

Volunteer in bushfire recovery nurseries


Volunteer in Australia's national parks

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