Eurobodalla and Sapphire Coast

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Mimosa Rocks national park. Photo: Michael Dawes.

Follow the southern coastline and discover a new world of hundred year old spotted gums, providing food and shelter for beautiful, endangered native animals.

Enjoy the splendour of the glittering ocean stretching out to the horizon and the beautiful sandy beaches. Every day is different as the weather and water interact. Look out for whales, dolphins, penguins and seals playing along the coast.

Eurobodalla and Sapphire Coast national parks include:

Find out more about Eurobodalla and Sapphire Coast national parks at the Office of Environment & Heritage website.

Foundation Projects in the Eurobodalla-Sapphire Coast Region

Growing South East Forest National Park

Mark Adams and Lynnette Eggleston have donated their $50,000 “Windaree” property to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. The Foundation has permission from the Minister for Climate Change and Environment to donate this land to the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. It will become part of the South East Forests National Park as a strategic addition for protection of water catchment, under-represented forest ecosystems and threatened fauna species.


Analysis of Bat Data Gathered in the South East Forest National Park

The Foundation funded the analysis of radiotracking and live trapping data collected by scientists in a woodchipped forest and farmland near Bega from 2003 and 2005. This analysis will determine where the bats concentrated their nightly foraging flights, especially in land modified by farming and forestry. The results will enable conservation measures to be shared with land managers and bat ecologists.


Interpretive Signage for the Nunnock Swamp & Wilkinsons Trail

From 2008 onwards, the NSW OEH undertook the rationalisation of the existing trails of Nunnock Swamp and Wilkinsons Trail inthe South East Forests National Park. The Foundation provided $24,100 to this project to provide interpretive signage which educatedvisitors about the natural and cultural significance of this area.