About The Foundation

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Pulpit Rock Sunset - Cape Schanck National Park, Australia. Photo: Cain Doherty.

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife exists to help save the environment.

Our vision is to be Australia's foremost philanthropic partner for national parks.

Our mission is to care for Australia's native plants, animals and cultural heritage through environmental education and conservation projects.

We achieve this by purchasing land for conservation, funding threatened species recovery actions and involving the community in the conservation of Australia's natural and cultural heritage.

We are not-for-profit, non-controversial, a-political and independent. With our supporters we look back on over three decades of creating a living legacy through:

  • Purchase of over 500,000 hectares of habitat and places of natural beauty for 30 national parks and nature reserves
  • Threatened Species Recovery and research for more than 32 species of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and plants. We have saved the Lord Howe Woodhen, the Malleefowl, the Gould's Petrel, the Yellow-foorted Rock Wallaby and other unique species from extinction
  • Cultural Heritage Conservation for more than ten Aboriginal and European historical sites, including Fort Denison and Hill End
  • Education and awareness raising for schools and the wider community
  • Walking tracks, viewing platforms, interpretive signage and disabled access in many national parks

Working in Partnership

OEHTo achieve our objectives the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife liaises with like-minded organisations across Australia. The Foundation is a private charity, separate from the 'National Parks and Wildlife Service', which is part of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH).

Many of our conservation projects are located in national parks and managed by rangers and scientists who may be employed by government agencies, such as the OEH. The Foundation entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a framework for the OEH administration and management of projects funded by the Foundation.


Organisation Memberships

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is a Full Member of Philanthropy Australia. 

Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for philanthropy. It is a not-for-profit membership organisation.

The members of Philanthropy Australia are trusts and foundations, families and individuals. It is comprised of those want to make a difference through their own philanthropy, and to encourage others to become philanthropists as well.